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E-Ride Pro S vs E-Ride Pro SS: The Definitive Comparison


We love the E-Ride Pro e-moto series - speed, range, cutting-edge technology, and the ability to take it on pretty much all terrain - what more could you want? What we’re even more stoked on is that the company came out with a “2.0” version of running changes that took all their customers' feedback into consideration. It’s easy to see why the E-Ride Pro SS would be the choice out of these models, but let’s get into the key differences between the S and SS model. 

Looking to purchase an E-Ride Pro S or SS model, but unsure which one is for you? Keep reading to learn the key differences between these models. 

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The E-Ride Pro S (17”): What to Know

The E-Ride Pro S lets you experience the thrills of off-road adventures with better handling, better suspension, and more power than similar brands at a more affordable price. While this all-terrain e-moto sits lower smaller than the E-Ride Pro SS, don’t let its size fool you. This is still one impressive all terrain e-moto that’s suitable for all levels of riders. 

72V // 3 KW Motor Power

The Pro-S e-moto boasts an impressive 72V system standard (actual readout on our multimeter measured 84V)  3KW rated and 6KW peak air-cooled brushless motor. It also has a temperature sensor with an automatic cutoff system to safeguard against motor overheating. The Pro-S also has 2-speed modes, great for riders at every skill level, including beginners. Even in Eco mode it will take just about anything thrown at it.

Made for Off-Roading

Experience the excitement of off-roading with the E-Ride Pro S, which is versatile, perfect for the whole family, and comfortable for riders of all skill levels. With a 30.6-inch seat height and a low center of gravity, even beginners will feel solid on this e-moto. 

E-Ride Pro S Facts 

If you’re looking for a quick comparison on the E-Ride Pro S and E-Ride Pro SS, check out the features here (and keep scrolling for the E-Ride Pro SS features):

  • Speed: 0 to 30 MPH in 2.56 seconds
  • Top speed: 53 MPH
  • Motor power: 3KW rated / 6KW peak power
  • Battery: 72V/30AH (2160WH) Samsung removable lithium battery
  • Range: 40+ Miles (@25MPH); 62+ Miles (@15MPH) subject to terrain variations
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Tire size: FR. 70/100-17; RR. 70/100-17
  • Suspension: Adjustable sport suspension
  • Braking system: regenerative braking with oversize 8MM thick rotors
  • Weight limit: 270 lbs
  • Unit weight: 128 lbs

  • Cost: $3,999.00 USD (plus applicable taxes and shipping/handling)

    e-ride pro S

    E-Ride Pro SS (19”): Everything You Should Know

    Before the E-Ride Pro SS came out, achieving 60 MPH on an e-bike (right out of the box) wasn’t an option. The E-Ride Pro SS changed all of that, allowing riders to experience the thrill of high-speed riding without the need for any expensive modifications or upgrades. 

    Basically if you want lots of power, range, and offroad capability, this series is for you. Additionally, the E-Ride Pro SS has a higher seat position due to the larger 19” wheels and carries a higher weight limit, so if you are a bigger or taller rider the E-Ride Pro SS is for you.

    Take it from other E-Ride Pro reviews “With its revolutionary controller system, advanced suspension, and cutting-edge BMS technology, this exceptional machine consistently pushes the boundaries of performance. How far you dare to push it is entirely in your hands.”

    Packed with Power

    The E-Ride Pro SS off-road e-moto is equipped with a 72V // 6KW brushless, air-cooled single motor, peak output at 12.5 KW, finely tuned to deliver power across a wide range on all terrain. If you want the fastest and most powerful e-moto you can get, this series is for you. The E-Ride Pro SS easily outperforms many highly modified e-bikes. Yeah, we’re excited about that too.

    Optimal Off-Road Capability

    Whether you’re a professional seasoned team gas rider or an experienced mountain bike rider looking for the thrill of off-road e-riding, the Pro-SS was built with you in mind. With its generous ground clearance, lightweight build, and state-of-the-art suspension technology, this powerhouse e-moto consistently exceeds expectations. 

    E Ride Pro SS Facts

  • Speed: 0 to 30 MPH in 2.36 seconds
  • Top speed: 60 MPH
  • Motor power: 5KW rated / 12KW peak power
  • Battery: 72V/40AH (2880WH) Samsung swappable lithium battery
  • Range: 50+ Miles (@25MPH); 90+ Miles (@15MPH) subject to terrain variations
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Tire size: FR. 70/100-19; RR. 80/100-19
  • Suspension: adjustable sport suspension
  • Braking system: regenerative braking 
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Unit weight: 139 lbs

    Cost: $4,899.00 USD (plus applicable taxes and shipping/handling)

    e-ride pro SS


    E-Ride Pro S Versus the E-Ride Pro SS

    The main differences between these two e-motos has to do with speed, battery power, and size. The E-Ride Pro SS has more power, a longer battery life, and more range. It’s also a bigger e-bike that’s more suitable for those who are experienced e-moto riders. The ride height difference is mostly due to the larger 19” wheels and longer travel suspension.

    With a bigger/heavier rider comes the need for more power. The S Model has banger power and will rocket any rider just fine and smoke your friends out of corners, but the SS system has been tweaked to push out more torque and a higher top end - enough to put a 230 lb adult into a wheelie without any rider help, even in Eco mode!

    The E-Ride Pro S is still an incredible e-moto option and is suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners.  The E-Ride Pro SS is even more capable and sits about 1.5” higher with significantly more power.

    If you have any additional questions about the differences between these two e-motos, feel free to give us a call/text at 760-436-2786 or stop by our shop to see them in person.

    E-Ride Pro SS Versus the SURRON Light B X

    If you’re also happening to look into the Surron Light B X e-moto, here’s how the E-Ride Pro SS stands out: 

    • LCD TFT display front and center between your handle bars (you can see your speed, battery, the time, mileage, and your trip)

    • Robust light module switch in sport and eco

    • Robust brakes and levers with sleek black grip on handles, oversize rotors bring the beast to a stop effortlessly

    • Full LED front light bar with light switch button (that way you don’t always have to keep your light on and blind people)

    • 72 V/40AH battery (consistently testing over 84 V) this is great because a lot of other e-bikes like the SURRON don’t offer this standard and folks will spend an additional $2K just to get comparable battery

    • Motor: 6KW rated/12 KW peak Power; SURRON has 6KW
    • Foot peg axle support
    • Adjustable rear suspension 
    • Jackshaft cover (protects it from dust and debris)

    • 55 tooth sprocket (higher bigger sprocket = more torque) 
      • 19 inch wheels
      • 220 MM and extra thick rotors
      • Swing arm support

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